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Sleeping & Snoring Freedom!

I was pleasantly surprised at the these, I was not sure how the worked or how I would feel trying to sleep with these rubber tubes up my nose but they worked very well. I didn’t really feel anything in my nose and felt a little silly putting them on in front of my wife.

As soon as I put them in they opened up my airway like breathe right strips on steroids. They are so light and small that it was easy to sleep with them and forgot I had them in after about 10 min. I watched TV in bed for a while then drifted off to sleep.

The next day when I woke up I didnt even notice them in my nose at first. So the first thing I did was take them out and ask my wife the question I usually ask, did I keep you up snoring? To my surprise she smiled and said no I slept all night and didn’t hear anything.

Now, I don’t always snore but after using these for many nights it was a consistent answer of no to snoring from my wife.

Very surprised and thankful to Mr. Bene Manufacturing Company for sending these to me for a free test drive and a review.

Try them and sleep better : )


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Plant Based Protein Powder


There are MANY protein powders on the market today and trying to find one that taste good and isn’t full of CRAP is not an easy task.  This is why I would like to give a shout out to Summit Nutritions for sending me this Plant based protein powder to try for free and to give it a review.

I have to say that I got excited about it after I read the ingredients and saw all the great things this powder had in it.  Most powders if you really look have lots of fillers and sugar hidden inside with other names.  The ingredients do have maltodextrin and the infamous “natural flavors”  but the amount is so small and considering you probably won’t find any powder without these I’m going out on a limb with this one as it taste fantastic and the other ingredients are great for your body.

This is a chocolate flavored pack and it was great with almond milk and frozen blueberries!  I recomend this and will be ordering more of these easy travel packs to bring on the road.  Get your 18 grams of protein first thing in the morn and enjoy!  They sell it on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Organic-Super-Plant-Protein-Anti-Oxidant/dp/B010E9TP02/ref=sr_1_2?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1438289922&sr=1-2&keywords=super+plant+protein

I am not an affiliate and I do not get any compensation if you buy this : )

“Remember, You Only Live Once”

Chris Weeks

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Exercise On the Road. Lightweight Equipment.

Probably the hardest thing to keep in a routine while on the road is exercise. When you are in a small space and traveling from place to place you can’t really bring heavy weights or machines with you to keep your exercise routine in place consistently.
For this reason most people quit and just let things go with the excuse…I dont have any space or equipment to use. Well, this little tool was sent to me by Limmgroup #LimmJumpRope.

They sent it to me for free like a lot of other sellers on Amazon to test and review it for our subscribers like you who need and want tools to make their lives easier and have more freedom.

This Jump rope is perfect for us as we have a small space to operate in and it stores so easily in a small cabinet above the front door, which makes it easy to grab on the way outside where we can do our sets of jumprope for an awesome simple cardio workout.

This jump rope is very durable, lightweight, water resistant and so easy to store. We are very thankful and love it!

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Sweaty Yoga Mats!

Yes there is an easier way to carry your sweaty yoga mat around from the car to the studio or beach etc..
I had no idea this awesome tool even existed until this company #FiveFourTen sent me their Yoga Mat Strap for free to test out and review it. I will say that I am very glad they did!

It may not seem like a big deal but this strap does make it much easier to carry your mat and free up your hands for a towel, yoga blocks, pressure balls or bottle of water. These yoga straps are lightweight and VERY easy to slip on and trow your yoga mat over your shoulder and away we go.

They loosen up easy then just slip on each end and your ready.

Thanks again #FiveFourTen you rock!

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Road Tools and Hands Free.


When on the road full time you definitely need tools to make life easier.  One of the main things I need while driving and you should too is a cell phone holder.  I decided last month to upgrade my phone to the iphone 6 plus.

A few reasons for this was to have a larger screen so I could see my gps easier and also to see EVERYTHING easier now that I need readers to see up close, damn aging process!

So a company that sells these on Amazon named #CacheAlaska sent this one to me to test out and review it.

After a month of review I can say I recommend this anyone as it is so lightweight and easy to move from car to RV with ease.  It’s small and slides into the grooves of your heating vents on the dash.  It expands easily to fit any phone and turns to 360 angles.

Thumbs up and thank you #CacheAlaska for a free test of this product.

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Parasite Cleanse

When you travel a lot and visit different places one of the things you want to be aware of is the potential for parasites to make your body there home. Its not a glamorous subject to talk about or even think about but the threat is real and it could ruin your life.

I had an unfortunate experience while traveling to Africa almost a decade ago and to this day I dont feel the same as I used to. Parasites are not an easy thing to diagnose and most doctors dismiss it when you bring it up so finding a cure can be exhausting as well.

I have studied and test many different cleanses that claim to get rid of parasites but have not felt any difference with any of them. Unfortunately, this has been a long trail an error process for me. It’s almost impossible to prevent these tiny microscopic organisms from getting to you but I urge to you stay aware and try and be careful what you eat and where you go walking around barefoot. Undercooked food and spoiled food avoidance is a start.

While in Africa I was stricken with some type of food poison and felt like I was going to die thousands of miles away from my family. NOT FUN!

To this day I have to thank a friend of mine named Udo Erasmus who is the creator of Udos Oil. He came to my hotel room with a few Probiotics and Enzyme tablets and opened them up and told me to brush my teeth and gums with the powder from his capsules.

With in a few hours I was feeling back to normal again with no fever, no more throwing up and finally felt like I would survive and make back home. (Thank you again my friend)

Since that time I have tried to more aware of what I eat and where. Recently a nice company named NutriONN sent me a parasite cleanse to try while we are on the road in our RV as a promo to test.

I have to say that after trying this for 30 days I actually felt lighter and a bit more energy. I am going to continue for another 30 days and see how I feel but I wanted to give them a shout out and thank them for sending this to us to test it!

Try it out if you feel you may have been infected with parasites and see how you it feels for you.
They have it on amazon.

I dont have an affiliate link I’m just sharing my testing with you. : )

All My best!

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Useful Item for Camping.

Cooks and More sent us these Silicone BBQ Gloves to test and review and I’m so happy they did!

These silicone bbq gloves are way better than the cloth ones we used to use that would get all funky with old food and sauces stuck to them. They wash off easy and keep the heat off your hands while cooking and handling hot things.

Love modern technology when it comes to things like this. I highly recommend them and you can get them on Amazon, quick and cheap

Happy Cooking!

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On the Road Purchases for an Easier Life.

While traveling on the road I like to listen to podcast and get ideas for all kinds of things in life. One of the podcast I tend to listen to from time to time is Tim Ferris. I noticed that whenever he interviews anyone he always ask the question ” What one purchase under $100 did you make this year that made a difference in your life”?

So I decided to post some of our purchases here for you to look into and maybe it would make a difference in your life too. Disclosure Some of these products are sent to us for free but I promise I won’t write about them or accept them unless I know they are useful to us or you.

To start, one of my simple purchases was a lightning cable charger for my iphone from Gnome Workshop.
They delivered on amazon prime in 2 days and it was in a cool box and they emailed me to ask how i liked my purchase which I thought was cool too.

As far as chargers go, it is great and not flimsy like so many others Ive had that broke or stopped working 2 days after I received it.

2 big thumbs up and I would buy from them again : )

Remember, Don’t hold back, you only live once!

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To Boldly Go Where Most Have Not Gone Before…


“You only live once”  is a quote I have tried to live by for most of my adult life and as a kid at times.  I certainly have had my share of fears and times when I was too afraid to make a decision so I just put it off until the situation finally festered into a “oh shit, I better do something” moment.

Well, in 1 week we will be heading off to explore a very uncertain adventure in an RV for the next 6 mos or more depending on how things go.  Most of the people we have told this too have either said “Man I wish we could do that” or I’ve always wanted to do that”.   So how did we come up with this idea and actually decide on it?  Well, this has been a topic of discussion for my wife Lisa and I for years.

It really started when we wanted to move to a warmer climate and get out of the bitter cold up north.  We sold our house packed up everything and moved 2 kids and a dog in a moving truck to a city we visited and loved and found a place to rent in our first weekend.

Now with social media making it so easy to communicate with old friends and family we have noticed a lot more people passing away and getting sick.  This always makes me ask myself, “Am I doing what I want before I die”?  My answer is usually “No”.  

So Lisa and I agreed that there are just as many challenges living in 1 place and doing the same thing everyday as being mobile and living experiences outside our area so lets list them and see if we can handle them.  (Of course we can!)

  • Income on the road

  • What RV to buy?

  • What to bring with us?

  • What to get rid of?

  • Where to go?

  • How long to go away?

  • School for the kids?

and more..

I will go into more detail on how we prepared for this trip in another post and we will be blogging and running a podcast from our RV but we wanted to share this decision with you and share our journey along the way.  Our victories and defeats on the road will be lessons in life for us, our kids and hopefully you that we will always remember.  

Remember, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, so decide what you want and the way to do it will find you!.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you have always wanted to do or let us know if we can answer any questions you have.


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